B-24 93rd BG 42-73507 - Turret Dome

B 24TurretDomeThe B-24J serial number 42-73507 named "Sunday Girl" was with the 93rd Bomb Group 328 Bomb Squadron.  On 30 January 1944 the target was Brunswick, Germany.  This B-24 developed engine trouble in route to the target and turned back.  On the way back they dropped their bomb load on another target and came under attack from a Flak Unit knocking out a second engine.  The B-24 had to make a crash landing with all crew members aboard near Nijkerk (Gelderland), Holland.  All ten men of the crew survived.

Raymond Slomowicz (pictured) was the Flight Engineer / Top Turret Gunner on this mission.  Raymond with the help of the resistance avoided the Germans for eight months until he reach the US front lines.
This plexiglass dome was removed from the top turret of this B-24, it can been seen in the crash photo.  It was found in an outbuilding in the 1970's on the same farm where it crash landed.

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B 24TurretDome
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