B-24 450th BG 42-52163 Crash Site

MaxKurtAndIWithTurretRingAtSiteOn 23 May 1944 the 450th Bomb Group's target was the Messerschmitt Aircraft Factory located at Weiner Neustadt, Austria.  B-24 serial number 42-52163 of the 723rd Bomb Squadron was taking part in the mission.  This B-24 named "Little Lady Joyce II" was attacked by German fighters in route to the target and shot down crashing on a mountain top.  All of the crew got out of the plane with the exception of the ball turret gunner, Harry Stewart, a replacement for Frank Davis who was sick and unable to fly on that mission.



B-24 Little Lady Joyce II

Description of the crew:

Back Row - Left to Right:

  • 2nd Lt.John G. Scocos - Bombardier
  • 2nd Lt. Thomas P. Griffin - Pilot
  • 2nd Lt. Herbert K. Morrison - Co-Pilot
  • 2nd Lt. John D. Lawson - Navigator

Front Row. Left to Right:

  • T/Sgt. Edgar F. Howard - Nose Turret Gunner
  • S/Sgt. Alexander Banner - Top Turret Gunner
  • T/Sgt. Frank M. Davis - Right Waist Gunner
  • *S/Sgt. Harry Stewart - Ball Turret Gunner
  • S/Sgt. Francis J. Lyons - Left Waist Gunner
  • S/Sgt. Ralph C. Scudder - Tail Turret Gunner

*The crew, with the exception of Frank Davis who was sick and unable to fly, were shot down over Austria on 24 May 1944. Harry Stewart who replaced Frank Davis perished in the aircraft. The remaining crew were captured.


Original photo taken at the crash site.

Photo showing the crash site as it looks today. CrashSitenow01
crashsitenow02 Photo showing the crash site as it looks today.
Photo showing the crash site as it looks today. crashsitenow03

Pilot and Co-Pilots seats we recovered at the crash site, seen here with Max and Charles. Max is an avation historian, archeologist and author.

Charles, Max and Kurt holding a Turret Ring found at the crash site. Kurt is an aviation historian and archeologist. MaxKurtAndIWithTurretRingAtSite

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